HARMONY HB is the exclusive showroom for JAN PALMER JEWELRY located in the Huntington Harbour Mall.  Jan's jewelry has been featured in the Museum of Modern Art NYC, Yoga Magazine as well as countless boutiques in the USA and abroad.  Original designs in sterling silver, gold, semi-precious and precious stones. Proudly made in the USA.  Designed to last a lifetime.  Come to our boutique in Huntington Beach or shop online.


Sculpted Metals

This timeless collection simplifies the most basic forms into wearable art. Each piece feels as good as it looks as well as appealing in form from every angle. This is where Jan's sculpture experience comes into play.



Inspired by tattoo artists around the world, this unique collection captures the essence and aura of this world as seen through the eye's of Jan. This unique sculptural work is fitting for those who like tattoo's or have always been intrigued by them.


Mystical Symbols

Jan's interest in Metaphysics led her to create this collection of amulets and talisman. A Talisman is an object that brings the wearer good luck in every aspect of life and/or magical protection against evil. Below you will find our eclectic mix of Eastern and Western inspired trinkets that bring peace, love and happiness.



The imaginary band in which the sun, the moon and the planets appear to move is the Zodiac. The Twelve constellations in the band are the familiar signs of the Zodiac used in Astrology. The front has Jan's signature sculpted feel and the backs detail the name of the sign. Any of these pendants can have a gem stone added upon request as a special order.