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HARMONY HB was founded in 2012 by Jan Palmer with the vision of enriching her community by creating a place of healing and nurturing where people could help improve their physical, mental, and spiritual wellness.

Jan was inspired by her father, a prominent Internist who blended Eastern medicine modalities into his practice of Western medicine. After witnessing firsthand how effective the combination of different techniques and cultures could be, Jan set out to build a place where wellness could be addressed holistically by bringing together the best of ancient wisdom and modern techniques. Building upon forty years of experience in Yoga, as well as professional certifications in Massage Therapy and Personal Training, the result was Harmony HB: an Arts and Wellness Center specializing in healing movement and focused on providing the community with peace, wellness, and a place to gather for soul nurturing music and art.

 Located in the Huntington Harbour Mall (Next to The Rack House and Chevron)

Located in the Huntington Harbour Mall (Next to The Rack House and Chevron)

HARMONY HB aims to nurture the body through fun and unique classes combining movement and mindfulness such as Yoga, Meditation, and Stretch. Harmony HB offers a variety of classes aiming to meet people’s various needs from relaxation, pain relief, increased flexibility, or just wanting to get more in touch with one’s body. We also provide full massage services to release tension in the body, improve blood flow, and reduce muscle pain and soreness.

Harmony HB has a peaceful and Zen atmosphere perfect for escaping from everyday stress and anxiety. Everything from the smell to the lighting has been set up to create a refuge where one can take a few minutes to focus inwards, breathe, and enjoy the present moment. People have described Harmony HB as a hidden gem and a lifesaving oasis of inner peace. Whether its through one of our many movement classes and workshops, while listening to a local band, enjoying fine art, or just joining us for a quiet meditation class we hope that you'll find our studio can help you find some inner Harmony.

At HARMONY HB we believe that life is full of beauty and wonder and that experiencing and sharing that beauty is fundamental to our well-being. It is often said that art is food for the soul. To nurture this aspect of ourselves Harmony HB is proud to sell one of a kind hand made jewelry and art pieces from local artisans including a wide selection from Jan Palmer who has been a renowned jewelry designer for decades. Jan is also a respected figurative sculptor which helped enrich her understanding of the human body. Harmony HB is also proud to host musical events with local musicians as well as art shows to share the works of Southern California's talented artists with our community. Many of these events are offered as fundraisers for local charities to give back to our community.

In our boutique one can find unique gifts such as essential oil infused lava rock jewelry, aromatherapy candles, meditation stones, and yoga accessories to share some Harmony with your friends or add to your home.



Over 40 years of practicing Yoga has helped my life in so many ways and made me feel healthier, happier, and more fulfilled. Here at HARMONY HB we aim to share these practices so that everyone can become empowered to improve their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being while being supported by a vibrant community. My belief is that everyone can benefit from having more movement, meditation, and connection to others in their life and I strive to make Harmony a place where everyone feels welcome and can find their own inner Harmony.

-Jan Palmer


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